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New Study Finds Connection Between Peanut Allergies and Asthma

Many Kids With Asthma Also Sensitive to Peanuts: Study

The findings of a new study have revealed a strong connection between peanut allergies and asthma, and have suggested that kids suffering from asthma could also be sensitive to peanuts, and their parents may not actually realize it. The researchers ...

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Antibiotic Use in Infants Linked to Obesity, Illnesses During Adulthood

Antibiotic use may make kids obese in adulthood

The use of commonly prescribed antibiotics among infants could cause changes in the gut bacteria, which could make them vulnerable to many infectious conditions, allergies and autoimmune disorders during adulthood- the findings of a new study have revealed. In addition, ...

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Coping With Grass Allergy

The High Price of Pollen: Ways to Save Money Fighting Allergies

  Grass pollen allergy is more formally called seasonal allergic rhinitis. With it, you’ll get symptoms that include runny nose, congestion and, more often than not, watery eyes. Those who are severely allergic, may get hives with grass pollen contact ...

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Air Pollutants May Raise the Risk of Allergies

Air pollutants could boost potency of common airborne allergens

Air pollution has already been linked to a lot of health concerns, and now, it has been found that air pollution linked to climate change could also contribute to allergic reactions such as wheezing, sneezing and sniffling. It is believed ...

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Washing Dishes May Help Reduce Allergy Risk in Children

New Study Shows Kids Who Wash Dishes Have Fewer Allergies

The findings of a new study have revealed that kids who wash dishes have fewer allergies. These findings are published in the journal Pediatrics, and further adds to the evidence that the environment and the exposure to microbes plays a ...

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10 Most Common Undiagnosed Food Allergies

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Chocolate Chocolate has been blamed for a range of adverse reactions including migraines, heartburn, cramps, swelling, allergy cough, itching, and hives. In the worst cases, someone can experience a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. It is very serious, and for some ...

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