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10 Actors Who Aren’t Afraid Of Doing Their Own Stunts

Photo courtesy of Imgur.

Daniel Craig As the current face of the James Bond franchise, Daniel Craig has had to do some pretty insane things on screen. What is impressive is that, more often than not, it is actually him doing those things, like ...

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10 Of The Best Crazy TV Crossovers Of All Time

Photo courtesy of Imgur.

Ninja Turtles On Power Rangers Adults would watch this particular crossover now and think “this is ridiculous.” However, if you were a kid when this came out, you were probably having a hard time containing your mind blowing excitement. In ...

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10 Hollywood Cat Fights We Won’t Soon Forget

Jennifer Anniston vs. Angelina Jolie. Photo: Flickr

Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie These two have a little more reason to fight than most frivolous feuds. Angelina straight up snatched Jennifer’s man from right up under her and didn’t look back. Jennifer should just roll up on Angelina and beat that ...

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10 Most Common Undiagnosed Food Allergies

Photo: FanPop

Chocolate Chocolate has been blamed for a range of adverse reactions including migraines, heartburn, cramps, swelling, allergy cough, itching, and hives. In the worst cases, someone can experience a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. It is very serious, and for some ...

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World’s Most Expensive Homes


The Hearst Mansion    Cost: $165,000,000 If there’s any home with the coolest pop culture credibility, it’s the Hearst Mansion, also known as Hearst Castle, which is valued at $165 Million! The large estate features 3 swimming pools, 29 bedrooms, ...

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TOP 10 FREE MOVIE WEBSITES 2014 - photo from Pixabay

TOP 10 FREE MOVIE WEBSITES 2014. Whether you’re a big movie buff looking score score a source of never-ending movies or are just trying to find an affordable form of entertainment for a few hours, there are thousands of sites ...

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