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Booming Business Relies Heavily On Social Ownership And Contribution


In today’s day and age, some of the largest businesses in the world make their money off of providing opportunities and interaction for everyday people. The transportation company Uber has risen to become the largest taxi service in the world, ...

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10 Million Amazon Prime Subscribers Sign Up During Holidays

Amazon Reports 10 Million New Prime Subscribers During Holidays

Amazon reported that 10 million new subscribers signed up for their premium Prime subscription service during the holidays. Some of these new members likely signed up to take advantage of the cheaper and faster shipping, while others likely signed up ...

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Aggressive Peruvian Glow Worm Discovered in the Amazon

The Peruvian Glow Worm Is Something You Haven’t Seen Before

A video that turned viral on the internet has been the reason for the Peruvian glow worm to become famous recently. This worm is actually a very potent predator despite the fact that it is just a ½ inch worm. ...

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Prime Subscribers Get Unlimited Data Storage On Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Prime subscribers and Amazon Fire device owners are now able to utilize unlimited data storage on Amazon Cloud Drive. This unlimited data storage offer is being extended to all existing and new Amazon Prime subscribers, and to Amazon Fire ...

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Alibaba Revenue Rises 54 Percent After Becoming A Publicly Owned Company

Alibaba Homepage

China’s potential answer to Amazon.com has seen a significant increase in their quarterly revenue, with a jump reported at 54 percent. The online retail outlet Alibaba has been around for many years, and has continued to grow over time. That ...

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Bezos Leads Amazon To $12 Billion Quarterly Loss

Jeff Bezos

As the old saying goes, “It takes money to make money” and that seems to be the philosophy that Jeff Bezos is using to lead Amazon to record losses. The internet retailer posted it’s third quarter financials, and the company ...

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Why Did Amazon’s Fire Phone Fail? — ‘The Why’

fire phone

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why did Amazon’s Fire phone fail?” you ask? That’s a good question. It’s timely too. (It certainly beats answering any question that employs the phrase “hairy, scary down there-y.”) According to various ...

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What is Twitch? Amazon Purchases Video Game Streaming Site


What is Twitch? If you’ve never heard of it before, you may find yourself wondering why Amazon is willing to spend nearly $1 billion to purchase it. Following rumored acquisition talks with other big Silicon Valley names, video game streaming ...

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