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Obama Says Sony Should Have Consulted Him 1st Before Pulling ‘The Interview’

Obama The Interview

Washington D.C. – US President Barack Obama made comments on Sunday, stating that Sony should have consulted him first before making the decision to pull ‘The Interview‘ from theatrical distribution. Obama made the comments in the wake of criticism that ...

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America’s New Relationship With Cuba Could Cause A Resort Boom On Island

Fosca Skyscraper

After President Barack Obama announced that the United States would be renewing its relationship with the island nation of Cuba, many Cubans in both countries rejoiced. The long-standing embargo and lack of diplomatic relations have caused major issues with Cuba ...

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China’s Economic Downfall Could Restore America’s Economic Power

Bank In China

SHANGHAI, China – For the past decade and a half, the Chinese economy had been booming. Major construction projects were undertaken by the government and by corporations as the country experienced a great surge of wealth and affluence. Once seen ...

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Butterfly Gardens From All Over The U.S. Open Year Round

Photo: Pinterest

Approximately 20,000 species of butterflies around the world, about 575 of them are spotted regularly in the lower 48 states. Here’s a look at where butterflies can be found in their metamorphic stages throughout the year. Mission, Texas is the ...

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Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day? — ‘The Why’

labor day

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why do we celebrate Labor Day?” you ask? Good question . . . timely too.  (Besides, it beats having to answer the question: “Why does my girlfriend eat her toenails after she ...

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