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Endangered Gopher Frogs Find a Safe Haven at Jackson County

Dusky Gopher Frogs on the critically endangered list finds new haven in Jackson County

Photo Credit: Google Images

The black and dusky gopher frog otherwise known as Mississippi gopher is a critically endangered amphibian and since 2001, has never been out of the list of endangered species. Wildlife biologist Angie Dedrickson said, “We are taking an existing population ...

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First Shape-shifting Amphibian Found in Andes Mountains

shape-shifting frog

A frog the size of a fingernail that can morph its skin texture from spiny to smooth in the matter of minutes is the first shape-shifting amphibian ever to be discovered, according to a new report. The tiny “mutable rain ...

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Help the State By Hearing Frogs and Toads

Use your ears to help state count frogs, toads

Photo Credit: Flickr

In the woods, it is obviously more likely for you to listen to a frog or a toad during the spring season compared to seeing one. And Michigan is looking for volunteers to listen for them during the 20th annual ...

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