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Why Doesn’t The New Apple Watch Work Right? — ‘The Why’

apple watch

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why doesn’t the new Apple watch work right?” you ask? Good question . . . timely-ha!- too. (Besides, it beats answering the question: “Why doesn’t Apple just come out with a vaginal ...

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Apple Inc. Bans 3rd Party Device Accessory Leakers


Apple Inc. apparently demands its third-party accessory makers sign agreements to make sure they won’t dig up information on new Apple devices or face losing out on “future business opportunities” with Apple, according to reports. Unnamed sources confirmed the agreements ...

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All Medical Researchers Get Free Use Of Apple Open-Source ResearchKit

Apple ResearchKit / Imgur

Apple announced the official release of ResearchKit, its platform for connecting medical researchers with iPhone users. Previously, the platform had only been available to select medical institutions. “We are delighted and encouraged by the response to ResearchKit from the medical ...

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Almost 1 Million Apple Watches Sold During Pre-Order Sale Online

Apple Pre-sells more than 1 million Apple Watches

Cupertino, California – Apple is the wealthiest company in the world, and there is no mystery as to why. While they may not always remain at the top of the corporate food chain, they certainly have had a good run ...

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Microsoft Passes Exxon, Now World’s 2nd Most Valuable Co. Behind Apple


The bull run in Microsoft’s stock this past year has helped the tech giant surpass Exxon Mobil and seize the rank of the second most valuable company, behind Apple Inc. Under new CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has worked to overcome ...

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Why Did Apple Make The Apple Watch? — ‘The Why’

apple watch

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why did Apple make the Apple Watch?” Good question. (Besides, it beats answering—well, let’s be honest, it beats answering any awkward questions about bathroom parts or personal hygiene. Yeesh!) For those of ...

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Will Women Even Want The Apple Watch?

Will Women Buy The Apple Watch

Cupertino, California – As Apple prepared to venture into the smart watch market, the tech world is abuzz with guesses as to how well the Apple Watch will perform. The gadget is one that Apple has been hesitant about, since ...

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