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Smartphone Scan App Offered As GMO Label Law Solution

Scanning GMO Foods/ Pinterest

GMO Foods: In the ever-complicated debate over labeling of genetically modified foods, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says he has an idea: use your smartphone. Vilsack told members of Congress  that consumers could just use their phones to scan special bar ...

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Snapchat Modifies BFs And Also Launches “Discover” App


Snapchat created turmoil after dropping the Best Friends feature which allowed users to see who their contacts had been sharing “snaps” with the most. But the brief messaging service provider soon vowed to reinstate the service to assuage users who said ...

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Twitter App: While You Were Away…


Twitter is officially adding a feature designed to recap tweets you may have missed while not using its app. The goal is to dig up the top tweets that would have otherwise been lost among the flood of new posts, ...

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NEW: Google Maps Adds Christmas Window Shopping Feature


Christmas shoppers with a habit of leaving things until the very last minute have been thrown a welcome bone by Google. Don’t fancy braving the elements and inevitable scenes of chaos on the High Street? Not a problem – try ...

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Had One Too Many? App Aims To Stop Drunk Driving


  NEW APP: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is funding a new app in Maryland that allows users to determine what their blood-alcohol level is based on their weight, height and how many drinks they have had. Not sure ...

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Why Does Apple Reject Apps? – ‘The Why’


Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why does Apple reject apps?” you ask? Good question . . . timely too.  (Besides, it beats having to answer the question: “Why does it get so itchy after I shave my ...

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NASA’s Space Apps Challenge 2014

space apps

NASA’s annual International Space Apps Challenge this weekend will be held in over 100 locations.  This year’s challenge goes on April 12 and 13.  Coordinated from New York City, New York, the event will include 40 different challenges organized into ...

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Google gets going with app store


According to a recent report on the Google Drive Blog, Google is launching an online store for “third-party apps” on Google Drive.   The app store, created by the development team responsible for Google Docs and Sheets, was built specifically for ...

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Wearable computer made in Japan

wearable computer

Wearable computer really was made in Japan Hiroshima City University staff member Kazuhiro Taniguchi has just invented a wearable computer prototype reminiscent of the ear-worn personal computer worn by Joaquin Phoenix’s character in the recent motion picture Her.  The compact ...

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