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New Study Finds Connection Between Peanut Allergies and Asthma

Many Kids With Asthma Also Sensitive to Peanuts: Study

The findings of a new study have revealed a strong connection between peanut allergies and asthma, and have suggested that kids suffering from asthma could also be sensitive to peanuts, and their parents may not actually realize it. The researchers ...

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Women More Likely to be Hospitalized After Asthma Attack Treatment

Women Are 60 Percent More Likely To Be Hospitalized After Emergency Asthma Treatment

  The findings of a new study have revealed that women are at a 60% higher risk of being admitted to a hospital after undergoing an asthma attack treatment at an emergency department. The researchers considered 2000 asthma patients for ...

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Most Asthma Patients Do Not Know the Correct Use of Inhalers- Study

Asthma inhaler

Only 7% of inhaler users and 16% of patients with epinephrine auto injectors were able to demonstrate correct use of their device according to a new study. Rana Bonds, MD of the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston said ...

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