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Australia To Legalize Medical Marijuana


Sussan Ley, health minister of Australia, announced recently that the Australian government was putting together a licensing plan that would permit the cultivation and the distribution of medical and scientific marijuana. The goal of the plan was to deliver a ...

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Cancer Tumors Destroyed By Berry Found In Queensland Rainforest

Berries on the blushwood tree, a plant only found in specific areas of the Atherton Tablelands in tropical north Queensland. Photograph: QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

Drug derived from the fruit of the blushwood tree kills cancerous tumors long-term in animals in 70% of cases. Scientists have managed to destroy cancerous tumors by using an experimental drug derived from the seeds of a fruit found in north Queensland rainforests. ...

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Taiji-Hunt Dolphins Refused by Japanese Aquariums

Japan Aquariums Say They'll Stop Getting Taiji-Hunt Dolphins

Photo Credit: Google Images

Japan’s aquariums promised on Wednesday to stop acquiring dolphins captured in a gory hunt that was depicted in the Oscar-winning documentary named ‘The Cove’ and is the reason for outrage across the world. The initiative by the Japanese Association of ...

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Elusive Frilled Shark Captured By Australian Fishing Trawler

frilled shark

An elusive, rarely seen frilled shark was captured by fishers in Australia earlier this week. Its gaping, tooth-filed mouth combined with its slender, eel-like body has inspired ancient tales of sea monsters for years. The deep-sea creature is often called ...

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Australian City Gets Battered By ‘Supercell Storm’


BRISBANE: Planes were flipped and roofs ripped off when hail and powerful winds tore through Australia’s east coast, leaving an Aus$100 million (US$85 million) damage bill as the army helped clear up today. “It looks like the apocalypse,” one resident ...

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Fossils Reveal Extinct Kangaroo Species Walked Instead of Bounced

extinct kangaroo species

A now extinct kangaroo species once roamed the Australian outback, bigger and more rugged than current kangaroo species. What is the main difference between the two other than size? Their older ancestors probably walked instead of bouncing, researchers have concluded. ...

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