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Scientists Invent Self-Healing Tire


Holy Fix-A-Flat, Batman! Straight out of the 1960s Batman TV show the self-healing tire is here. According to a study published in the journal Applied Materials & Interfaces, of the American Chemical Society, a research team from Finland and Germany ...

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Warner Bros. And Ben Affleck Doubling Down On Batman?


Ben Affleck is Batman. That is not news to anyone at this point. However, fans of the DC comics legendary character better get used to the idea of Batfleck, because if the rumor mill is to be believed, Warner Bros. ...

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Why Is Bugs Bunny So Popular? — ‘The Why’

bugs bunny

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why is Bugs Bunny so popular?” Good question. Timely too. (Besides, it beats answering the question: “Why did Mickey Mouse divorce Minnie?”) July 27, 2015 marked Bugs Bunny’s 75th birthday. This makes ...

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Ben Affleck Set To Write And Direct Next Solo Batman Film

Photo courtesy of Imgur.

With San Diego Comic Con going on now through Sunday, there will be more nerd news coming out over the next few days than anyone can possibly handle. However, one massive bomb has already dropped. Ben Affleck is reportedly going ...

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Hunks Of Hollywood Getting All The Attention

Hunks Of Hollywood Getting All The Attention

Joseph Gordon-Levitt   Joseph Gordon-Levitt Age: 33 Hunk Factor: Aside from going from awkward child star to aging like fine wine, Gordon-Levitt seems like the kind of person you would love to hang out with on a Friday night. He’s ...

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How To Celebrate Batman Day


Batman, a.k.a The Dark Knight, a.k.a The Caped crusader is currently celebrating his 75th anniversary and in honor of that, DC Comics has declared July 23 Batman Day. The major comic book publisher encouraged people to take the day and ...

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2015 Walk Of Fame Stars Revealed

walk of fame

The 2015 Walk of Fame honorees have just been announced by the trade paper Variety. For those not hip to Hollywood happenings, the “annual reveal” of next year’s sidewalk stars is always a “big to do” in the City of ...

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