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Bees Addicted to Pesticides Like Humans are to Cigarettes

Popular pesticide hurts wild bees in major field study

Despite realizing that cigarette smoking is harmful to health, a good percentage of people around the globe still smoke. A similar behavior is now noted in bees as per a new study, where bees are attracted to a pesticide that ...

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Study: False Memories ‘May Be Widespread’ In Animal Kingdom

false memories

What was once just believed to be a trait in humans is now being thought to be widespread throughout the entire animal kingdom: creating false memories. Researchers at Queen Mary University in London have shown for the first time that ...

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Bees Take their Medicine from the Nectar of Flowers

The Mysterious Relationship Between Bees and The Flowers They Visit

The findings of a new research study have found how bees actually use different aspects of different flowers that they visit, to protect themselves from different forms of infections. The bees make use of these benefits from the flowers that ...

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Coffee And Cigarettes Could Help Bees Beat Parasites


According to a new report published this week in the Royal Society’s Proceedings B, the nectar from flowers contains specific chemicals that could aid in fighting a parasite infection, Crithidia bombi, in bees.  Crithidia bombi is a parasite that is ...

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Birthplace of Honeybees Disputed by Genome Study

Genome Study Disputes Birthplace of Honeybees

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

The first global analysis of genome variation in honeybees has been presented by researchers from Uppsala Univ as per study published in Nature Genetics. High level of genetic diversity in boneybees was surprisingly shows in findings and also indicatge that ...

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