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Health Benefits of Yogurt Could be Overrated

Regular Consumption of Yogurt Does Not Improve Health

From improving digestive health to reducing depression, yogurt has recently gained a lot of popularity, and seems to be on the way to becoming the next big superfood. However, the findings of a new study seem to have revealed something ...

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MI Governor Rick Snyder Approves Suspicion-Based Welfare Drug Testing

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

Detroit, Michigan – Rick Snyder, Michigan’s Republican Governor, approved a new program that would allow for drug testing of Welfare recipients based on suspicion. This new program would be highly controversial, and would be one of the first ever in ...

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Why choose a PC over a Mac?

Why choose a PC over a Mac? What are the benefits of working on a Personal Computer? There are countless benefits to working on a personal computer.  At this point in our history, however, it may also be difficult to ...

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