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Fascinated Researchers Simulate Placenta on a Chip to Learn More

A Human Placenta, the Size of a Computer Chip

Photo Credit: Google Images

One of the most bizarre things about placentas, if you have to choose just one, its not much what we know about them. For an organ which is vital to human life-it is the dark, pancake-shaped blob of blood and ...

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Charges Pending For Man Stuck Inside Longmont Store Walls For 3 Days


It all started when faint noises were heard coming from the walls of a Marshall’s store in Longmont, Colorado. Employees thought they heard a voice but weren’t certain. After the voice seemed to be getting louder, firefighters were called to ...

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VH1 is getting ‘Naked Dating’ series

naked dating

VH1 is getting “Naked . . . Dating”, that is. Sources at The Hollywood Reporter report that the music-based VH1 cable network is getting naked and getting ready for romance.  This series, tentatively titled Naked Dating, is an episodic dating ...

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