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Optimism- The Key to Better Cardiovascular Health

Optimism May Keep Your Hearth Healthy: Optimistic People Have Better Cardiovascular Health

Having a positive attitude about life can go a long way in helping you lead a better quality of life, and that’s exactly what a team of researchers have explained through their new study. It has now been found that ...

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Studies Show That Sugar Is Worse Than Salt For High Blood Pressure

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The American Heart Association calls a healthy diet and lifestyle “your best weapons to fight cardiovascular disease,” especially when it comes to high blood pressure, heart disease’s most detrimental risk factor. A recent  research paper featured in the British Medical ...

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Study: Low-Carb Diet Effective For Weight Loss, Cardiovascular Health

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A new study published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine found that after a year of their respective diets, participants following a low-carb diet had lost significantly more weight than those following a low-fat diet. In addition to weight loss, ...

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