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Made In China On Decline For 3rd Straight Month

Made In China

BEIJING, China – For the 3rd straight month in a row, the manufacturing powers in China have been on a downward trend. Even with the holiday season preparing to go on a frenzy throughout the rest of the world, Chinese ...

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China to Touch Maximum GHG Emissions by 2025, Or Earlier

China could reach peak GHG emissions ahead of 2030 target

Photo Credit: Google Images

A recent report from the part of the London School of Economics known as the Grantham Research Institute states that China may touch the peak greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, or even before the year, rather than the upper limit ...

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Chinese Scientists Claim To Modify Humane DNA In Embryos To Eradicate Disease

Chinese Scientists Modify Human DNA

Scientists in China have just announced that they have successfully modified the human DNA in an embryos to eliminate a genetic disease. This breakthrough is the beginning in what is bound to become a controversial medical topic. While this may ...

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China’s Air Pollution Moving Towards the Country’s West

China's Choking Air Pollution Goes West, Says Environmental Group Greenpeace

According to the findings from an environmental group Greenpeace, the chocking air pollution in China is now moving towards the western part of the country, despite the fact that the air quality has improved a bit in the eastern cities ...

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Sierra Leone Still Suffers From Ebola But China’s Aid Is Honored

Sierra Leone Grateful For Chinas Aid During Ebola Outbreak

Freetown, Sierra Leone – The African country of Sierra Leone has probably been hit the hardest of all Ebola suffering countries. The death toll has reached well into the thousands, and new cases continue to pop up daily. All of ...

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Chinese Economy Scrambles To Find Foothold In Falling Market

China Fighting A Stalling Economy Since 2012

Beijing, China – The Chinese economy seemed to be booming back in 2009 when the US and European markets were struggling to stay afloat. They appeared, on the surface, to be thriving in a down global market. Now, after fighting ...

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Nation’s Coal Use to Undergo a Major Reduction as per Orders of China

China orders cuts in coal use

Photo Credit: Flickr

China has ordered a huge reduction in the consumption of the non-renewable resource coal over the next five years in order to cap its emissions of carbon by the year 2030 and hereby reducing the nation’s overall pollution crisis.   ...

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Lack of Blood Supply Tempts China Residents to Trod the Black Market

Rise in Black Market for Blood in China

The lack of blood supply in China has apparently caused the eruption of black market to make up for the shortage. It has now been found that desperate patients who need blood purchase certificates from black market agents also known ...

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China Market Fire Kills 17 In Guangdong (VIDEO)


HONG KONG – A fire at a warehouse in China has killed at least 17 people, state news agency Xinhua said, the latest disaster in a country with a poor record on work safety. Seventeen people were killed when a ...

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