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People Residing in Areas With Cloudy climate

Cloudy Climes May Up Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Photo Credit: Google Images

People residing in regions with low sunlight may have an increased risk of pancreatic cancer, maybe due to the scenario that sufficient amount of vitamin D is not absorbed, a new study claims.   “If you’re living at a high ...

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Climate Change Poses a Dangerous Threat to Florida’s Coastal Reefs, Finds Study

Florida's pristine coral reefs threatened by climate change

Photo Credit: PixaBay

A recent study demonstrates that Florida’s beautiful coral reefs are under a growing threat from climate change. The Miami Herald reported Saturday on the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration study. As per the study, some reefs can be damaged around ...

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Weather Changes, Birds May Have an Impact on Lyme Disease Spread

Study Examines Rate of Lyme Disease Spread Among California Birds

Reports of Lyme disease in birds in California have substantially increased as learned in a new study. The fact that there is a notable increase in Lyme disease is a cause of concern though it is most commonly reported tick ...

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Tom Bawden Suggests Doomsday Is Approaching Really Fast.

Doomsday is very close- Tom Bawden

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

According to Tom Bawden, since the Doomsday clock’s minute hand was moved forward by two minutes, the end of the world aka doomsday is really near. According to Bawden, it shows that the “probability of global catastrophe is very high.”. ...

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Could Climate Change be Posing a Threat to Food Production?

Climate change ‘threat to food production’

From causing a decline in the population of certain species to causing some others to shrink- climate change is blamed for a lot. Now, a new study has found how it could also influence food production negatively. The Intergovernmental Panel ...

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Climate Change All Set to Increase Pollen Production, Allergen Exposure

Climate Change Will Bring More Allergens, Study Predicts

The effects of climate change are many- the population of certain animal species are on a decline, while certain others are getting ‘shorter;’ but does climate change really affect humans directly? Well, a new study has found that it may ...

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Climate Change is Causing Alpine Goats to SHRINK!

These Goats are Shrinking Due to Climate Change: Temperatures Impact Animal Size

What comes to your mind when you ponder over the effects of climate change? Global warming? Extinction of animals? How about goats shrinking in size? Turns out, it is actually what is happening right now- Alpine goats have been found ...

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Emperor Penguin in Jeopardy

The study was conducted by lead author Stephanie Jenouvrier, a biologist with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), and colleagues at the Centre d'Etudes Biologiques de Chizé (French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, and the University of Amsterdam.
Credit: courtesy of Stephanie Jenouvrier

  An international team of scientists studying Emperor penguin populations across Antarctica finds the iconic animals in danger of dramatic declines by the end of the century due to climate change. Their study, published today in Nature Climate Change, finds ...

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Wildfires Worse Due To Global Warming


Scientists believe that the destructive wildfires scorching acres of California actually reveals an accurate look at a hotter, fierier future. At least three separate studies published in the past three months warn that wildfires are becoming larger and that it ...

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