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Scientists Surprised as Philae Gets Back in Action on Comet 67P

Comet team says Philae lander gets back in touch with new data

Photo Credit: Google Images

Scientists from Europe received data from recently revived comet lander Philae on Thursday night, which is an advantage to the team as they attempt to establish a working line of communication for their historic scientific experiments on the surface of ...

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Scientists Plan on Taking the Risk, Brings Rosetta Closer To Comet

Scientists plan risky move to get Rosetta spacecraft nearer comet

Photo Credit: Google Images

With a view to communicate with its robotic lander on the surface and start experiments that could unlock some of the universe’s secrets, the European scientists are planning a risky maneuver to get their Rosetta spacecraft closer to the comet ...

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Mercury’s ‘Dark Coat’ Secret Unveiled

Scientists find the ‘invisible paint’ that makes Mercury darker than dark

Photo Credit: Flickr

The smallest planet in our solar system (sincere apologies, Pluto), has comet dust as a source for its dark appearance. Mercury indeed has curious coloring since it appears much darker than it should, which left scientists puzzled. But a new ...

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Comet Lovejoy Expected to Dazzle Night Sky For 2 Weeks in January

comet lovejoy

Comet Lovejoy is preparing to showcase its best and brightest two weeks for viewing. From about January 7th through the 24th, the comet is predicted to be glowing at 4th magnitude – bright enough that skywatchers with clear, dark skies ...

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Tonight: Visible New Year’s Eve Comet Passes By Earth


To Kick of The New Year, this New Year’s Eve, a fuzzy green comet named Lovejoy will be just barely visible to the naked eye in the vicinity of the constellation Orion’s feet. If you know exactly where to look, ...

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Rosetta’s Philae Probe Lands On Comet 67P (VIDEO) AMAZING!


Philae Probe Creates History By Soft Landing On Comet 67P Surface.   Rosetta Mission Philae Probe Lands On Comet VIDEO Rosetta #CometLanding The European Space Agency scientists have confirmed on Wednesday that the Philae probe landed on the surface of ...

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A duo of Scientists Classified the 13th Active Asteroid in Solar System

Team Classifies 13th Active Asteroid In Solar System

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

A team of two scientists recently located an active asteroid which lies within the Solar system’s main asteroid belt and is the first comet-like object which can be seen within the Hygiea family of asteroids. Scott Sheppard from Carnegie and ...

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Comet Siding Spring Creates Meteor Shower, Threat For NASA Spacecraft

comet siding spring

When Comet Siding Spring flew by Mars last month, it dumped several tons of primordial dust into the thin atmosphere, likely causing a brief but breath-taking meteor shower with thousands of shooting stars had any astronauts been present to see ...

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