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LA Train Derails After Hitting Car Injuring 21 People

Metro LA Train Derails After Hitting Car Downtown

Los Angeles, California – A Hyundai Sonata got clobbered by a commuter train in Los Angeles, which caused the train to derail tossing passengers about. The collision occurred in the late morning hours around 11am near downtown LA. The whole ...

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Germanwings Crash Was A Premeditated Mass Murder

Germanwings  Pilot: Lubitz /Photo Courtesy: Imgur

How premeditated was Andreas Lubitz’s plan to fly his Germanwings Airbus A320 into a mountain, killing himself and 149 passengers in a horrific act of suicide and mass murder in the manner of a kamikaze pilot? The shocking revelation from the ...

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Brazilian Bus Plummets Off Cliff Killing 54 Passengers

Brazilian Bus Accident Kills 54 On Saturday

Santa Catarina, Brazil – A bus in Brazil plummeted off of a cliff, killing all 54 passengers on board, according to the Brazilian government. The accident took place on Saturday, as a religious group was traveling to a neighboring state. ...

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2 Drunk Secret Service Agents Crash Into White House Gate

2 Secret Service Agents Crash Vehicle Into White House Gate

Washington D.C. – You might begin to expect some reckless behavior from the boys in blue, but probably not from our president’s Secret Service agents. A report came out that detailed 2 senior Secret Service agents crashing their vehicle into ...

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Harrison Ford Is A Real Life Han Solo After Today’s Plane Crash

Harrison Ford Survives Plane Crash

Los Angeles, California – Harrison Ford survived a plane crash today in California, after he radioed to air traffic control that he was experiencing engine failure. As Han Solo, Ford was no stranger to flying a vessel with engine issues. ...

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Powerful Mustang Kills 2 Spectators In Deadly LA Street Race Crash

Powerful Mustang Kills 2 Spectators In Deadly LA Street Race

Los Angeles, California – An estimated 60 spectators had gathered to watch an illegal street race that took place in an industrial area of Los Angeles County California. The event was likely promoted through texting, social media, and Internet forums ...

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1 Injured After Fuel Truck Crashes Into Jet At LAX

Tom Bradley Terminal At LAX

A fuel truck driver is injured at LAX after he crashes his fuel truck into a Jet. Authorities have said that the only injury sustained was the driver himself, and that no other crew or passengers were hurt. The airport ...

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