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President Obama May Remove Cuba From Terror Sponsor List Within Days

Obama May Quickly Visit Cuba After Removal From Terror List

Kingston, Jamaica – President Obama arrived in Jamaica to attend a summit of Caribbean Community leaders, ahead of a potential visit with Cuba‘s Raul Castro. After half a century of sanctions on the island nation by the United States and ...

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President Obama Confesses He Should Have Shut Down Guantanamo On 1st Day

Obama Regrets Not Shutting Down Guantanamo Bay On 1st Day

Cleveland, Ohio –  President Obama stated earlier today that he still regrets not having shut down the Guantanamo Bay prison the 1st day he took office. Back in 2008, shutting down Guantanamo Bay was one of Obama’s running points for presidency, ...

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Minnie Minoso, 1st Black Latino To Play In MLB, Dies At 89

Minnie Minoso Dies At 89

Chicago, Illinois – It was many decades ago that Minnie Minoso decided to come to the USA to play major league baseball. At a time when Jackie Robinson had barely paved the way for minorities to play in the league, ...

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Cigar Lovers The U.S.A. Can Rejoice, Cuban Cigars Are Now Permitted


Under the new trade normalization rules announced Wednesday by President Obama, tobacco is among the allowed products. Approved travelers will soon be able to bring home $100 of cigars – or rum and any other item. Since the Kennedy administration, ...

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America’s New Relationship With Cuba Could Cause A Resort Boom On Island

Fosca Skyscraper

After President Barack Obama announced that the United States would be renewing its relationship with the island nation of Cuba, many Cubans in both countries rejoiced. The long-standing embargo and lack of diplomatic relations have caused major issues with Cuba ...

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Dr. Felix Baez Recovers From Ebola In Geneva Switzerland

University Hospital Geneva

GENEVA, Switzerland – The Cuban doctor who became ill with Ebola a couple weeks ago has finally been cured of the virus. Dr. Felix Baez was working in a medical clinic treating Ebola victims, when he himself became infected from ...

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