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Over $20,000 Donated To Sunny The Dog Found Hanging From Tree


No bones about it.  People care about Sunny the dog. According to a report from the Associated Press and other sources, over $20,000 has already been donated for Sunny the dog. Sunny made news headlines recently when he was discovered ...

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A Monkey Takes Care Of Puppies In Adorable Viral Video [Video]

A Monkey Takes Care Of Puppies In Adorable Viral Video [Video]

Turns out monkeys are more similar to humans than we might have thought. This particular Capuchin monkey pets his new puppies the way any human owner would. It’s just far more adorable when a monkey does it. This viral video ...

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A Miniature Dachshund In Ohio Has Lost More Than 75% Body Weight

Dennis, a miniature dachshund, lost more than 75% of his body weight.

A dachshund from Ohio has lost more than 75% of his body weight after being put on a diet and fitness regime by his new owner. Brooke Burton adopted him two years ago from a relative who fed the dog nothing but ...

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Dogs Can Read Your Face


According to a study just published in the journal Current Biology, dogs really can read your face. A team of researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria trained 11 dogs to differentiate between happy and angry human faces. ...

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Sam The Dog Survives 15 Story Fall From High Rise Apartment Building

Sam, the dog/ SacramentoNews

A 13 year old dog is alive tonight after falling 15 stories from one of the tallest apartment buildings in Sacramento. Call it a miracle or just doggone good luck. “He went off that far corner of the balcony,” said Bill ...

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Derby The Dog: Runs On 3D Prosthetic Legs For The First Time! (VIDEO)


Some might say Derby the dog is disabled, but clearly they haven’t seen him in action. Just Watch!   “He has always been the happiest dog I know,” Derby’s adopted human, Sherry Portanova, tells The Dodo. But before he met ...

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Barking Guard Dog Tips Off Al-Qaeda During SEAL Raid In Yemen

Barking Dog Tips Off Al Qaeda SEAL Raid

SHABWA, Yemen – A team of US Navy SEALs was conducting a secret mission to retrieve 2 hostages being held by al-Qaeda in Yemen. US military leaders received information that al-Qaeda was planning to execute the US captive Luke Somers ...

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