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Search for Cure of White Nose Syndrome for Saving Bats is on

Scientists at Brown University using federal grant to study mysterious fungus killing bats

Photo Credit: Google Images

Researchers in Rhode island may be getting closer to finding out the way in which bats across North America are getting killed by the mysterious disease known as white nose syndrome.   Led by the professor at Brown University, Richard ...

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Dylann Storm Roof, Murderer of 9, Found to Be Victim of Drug Abuse


Photo Credit: Google Images

According to police records, Dylann Storm Roof, 21, who is the murderer of nine people at Methodist Episcopal Church on Wednesday night, was an alleged drug user of the synthetic drug Suboxone as well as Xanax, cocaine, LSD and methamphetamine. ...

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New Drug Combo Could Help Cystic Fibrosis Patients


The findings of a new study have revealed that a combination of two drugs could be helpful for improving the health of individuals affected by cystic fibrosis- a common incurable lung disease. Two medications- lumacaftor and ivacaftor, when used together, ...

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Drug Raiders Face a New Problem As Marijuana Gets Added in Eatables

Seeing More Marijuana Edibles, Police Learn To Identify Pot Candies And Sweets

Photo Credit: Google Images

For the police, edible marijuana is the latest challenge faced by the police in terms of confiscation. Ranging from cookies to lollipops and brownies to gummy bears, the police are dealing with sweets made from the plant itself, said the ...

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Antibiotic Use in Infants Linked to Obesity, Illnesses During Adulthood

Antibiotic use may make kids obese in adulthood

The use of commonly prescribed antibiotics among infants could cause changes in the gut bacteria, which could make them vulnerable to many infectious conditions, allergies and autoimmune disorders during adulthood- the findings of a new study have revealed. In addition, ...

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Alarming Rise In Cost Of Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Over 20 Years

MS Drugs / Flickr

Drugs used to treat multiple sclerosis have experienced a vast increase in price over the past two decades, sometimes as much as 700%, according to a news release from Oregon State University. A new study shows an “alarming rise” in ...

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New Drugs Could Help Reduce Blood Cholesterol Levels

pills-384846_640 (1)

Researchers have now found a new type of drug, which is still in its experimental stage, but could possibly help reduce high cholesterol levels, and be the next big treatment option in the coming years. As per CBS news, 1 ...

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Office Workers Found Abusing ADHD Medications to Boost Work Performance


As per the recent findings, many office workers in the US are now using different amphetamine-based stimulant drugs, which are usually prescribed for ADHD patients, to boost work performance. Adderall, Concerta and Vyvanse are some common stimulants that these workers ...

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STUDY: Heroin Users More Common Than Thought

Heroin Poppy. Photo: Pinterest

Today’s typical heroin user is a middle-class suburban dweller who started off with prescription painkillers, a new study reports. Once mainly a problem of teens living in impoverished neighborhoods in large cities, heroin use now more commonly affects whites in ...

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