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Smartphones Could Be Used to Detect Earthquakes


According to a study published yesterday in the journal Science Advances, smartphones and similar personal electronic instruments could actually be utilized to detect earthquakes and even alert people in poorer countries. An early warning system could be created by adapting ...

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Up to 500 People Evacuated For Possibility of Iceland Volcanic Eruption

volcanic eruption

Authorities have evacuated between 300-500 people from an area north of Iceland’s largest glacier over concerns of a volcanic eruption. Increased seismic activity around a volcano in the past few days has prompted Iceland’s Civil Protection Department to evacuate people ...

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Dangerous earthquake zones in America

dangerous earthquake zones

What are the most  dangerous earthquakes zones in America? Where are the most dangerous earthquake zones in America? Why are these areas the most dangerous earthquake zones in America? Chances are when you think of dangerous earthquake zones in the ...

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