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Vaccine for Ebola By Novavax Triggers Immune Response

Novavax's Ebola vaccine shows human immune response

Photo Credit: Google Images

The Ebola Vaccine by Novavax Inc. has helped healthy people to develop an immune response against this deadly and popular virus in an early trial.   In a randomized study put in comparison against a placebo, the vaccine activated and ...

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Only 28 Ebola Patients Seen In 11 U.S. Built Treatment Clinics in Liberia

Liberia Ebola Clinics

After a massive outbreak of Ebola cases struck Liberia last year, with bodies scattered on the streets and sick dying in front of overwhelmed clinics, President Obama ordered the largest American intervention ever in a global health crisis, hoping to ...

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Sierra Leone Still Suffers From Ebola But China’s Aid Is Honored

Sierra Leone Grateful For Chinas Aid During Ebola Outbreak

Freetown, Sierra Leone – The African country of Sierra Leone has probably been hit the hardest of all Ebola suffering countries. The death toll has reached well into the thousands, and new cases continue to pop up daily. All of ...

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11 Americans Flown Back From Sierra Leone After Possible Ebola Exposure

11 Americans Flown Back To US From Sierra Leone

Under the guidance of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 11 Americans are being flown back from Sierra Leone. The move was made to bring the group back from the Ebola stricken country after there became some concerns ...

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Its Official! An Asian Herb Promises to Cure Ebola!

Asian Herb cures Ebola

The findings of a new study have now revealed that an Asian herb could actually help prevent Ebola. Up until now, 4500 deaths have occurred due to Ebola, and new cases are being identified in the worst hit countries as ...

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WHO: World Governments Not Doing Enough For Ebola Epidemic


The obvious indifference of world governments to tackle the Ebola virus epidemic head on has contributed a lot to the seriousness of the whole situation. A document just released by the World Health Organization, stated that the agency will ask for ...

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Dr. Felix Baez Recovers From Ebola In Geneva Switzerland

University Hospital Geneva

GENEVA, Switzerland – The Cuban doctor who became ill with Ebola a couple weeks ago has finally been cured of the virus. Dr. Felix Baez was working in a medical clinic treating Ebola victims, when he himself became infected from ...

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Nearly 3 Dozen Hospitals Qualified To Be Ebola Treatment Centers

ebola treatment centers

Nearly three dozen hospitals across the U.S. have qualified to be Ebola treatment centers, the CDC said on Tuesday, with more coming on board soon. State health officials worked with hospital leaders to determine the hospitals and Centers for Disease ...

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Obama Wants Congress To Approve $6 Billion For Ebola


WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama asked for Congress to approve a $6 billion budget to help with fighting Ebola. Despite the US budget already being tight with limited funds for domestic programs, the president still feels that it is important ...

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