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Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Former Egyptian President Morsi

Cairo, Egypt – The former president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, was finally sentenced by an Egyptian court to a 20 year prison term. Morsi was thrown out of office by a revolution, led by angered protestors. He was finally linked ...

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Egypt Cemetery With 1 Million Mummies Unearthed From 1,500 Years Ago

Bodies tended to be clustered by hair color, like this one with long blonde hair that is thought to be female.

The team of archaeologists from Brigham Young University in the US found the mummified remains in an area that they have named Fag el-Gamous, (Way of the Water Buffalo) after a road close to the site. Archaeologists have been excavating ...

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Islamists Had So Much Fun During Arab Spring They Want A Sequel

Tahrir Square Arab Uprising

CAIRO, Egypt – A large group of Islamist demonstrators called for another Arab uprising in Egypt’s capital on Friday. The protesters were met quickly by police who disbanded the demonstration and arrested scores of people. Authorities were left in a ...

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Egyptian Woman Dies Of Bird Flu For A Total Of 6 Cases This Year

A woman in Menoufia, Egypt, bringing a chicken for a vaccination in 2008 - Amr Dalsh/Reuters

CAIRO- An Egyptian woman died of bird flu on Monday in the Assiut University Hospital, bringing the death toll from the avian flu to 65, since it first emerged in the country in 2006. Her daughter, who had also contracted ...

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This is How the Egyptians Built Pyramids!


The Mystery Behind Pyramid Construction Revealed! According to a new study published online on Tuesday, the secret behind how the Egyptians managed to build pyramids has finally been revealed. The mystery behind the construction of some 138 pyramids across Egypt, ...

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