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Protecting Giant Pandas Protects Other Species

giant pandas

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Giant Pandas: Couch Potatoes Of The Animal Kingdom


According to a new study published in the journal Science, pandas are reportedly as sluggish as sloths because of their thyroid hormones and lack of physical activity. A group of researchers from Beijing, China observed five captive pandas at the ...

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U.S. Chimpanzees Will Be Designated ‘Endangered’


No more monkey business. On June 16, 2015 all chimpanzees in the United States, both wild and captive, will officially be officially designated as “endangered” under the Endangered Species Act (ESA); so said the United States Fish and Wildlife Service ...

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7 Examples Of ‘Virgin Birth’ Cited In Smalltooth Sawfish

smalltooth sawfish

Scientists have discovered seven examples in Florida of virgin-birth offspring by a rare breed of fish, known as the smalltooth sawfish. Smalltooth sawfish are critically endangered and grow up to 25 feet in length and have long snouts with studded ...

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Giant Panda Poop Poses Particular Puzzle


According to a new study, published yesterday by the online US journal mBio, giant panda poop poses a particular “evolutionary dilemma.” Even though giant pandas have reportedly been eating almost nothing but bamboo for two million years, the giant panda ...

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Ili Pika Seen For 1st Time In 2 Decades

ili pika

The rare Ili pika, an endangered animal native to the Tianshan mountain range in the Xinjiang region of northwestern China, was photographed for the first time in two decades.  Sometimes referred to as the “magic rabbit”, the Ila pika, spotted just ...

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Endangered Killer Whale Pod Welcomes First Newborn In Over 2 Years

endangered killer whale pod

An endangered killer whale pod that swims off the coast of Washington state welcomed its first newborn orca in over two years. On Dec. 30, Ken Balcomb, a scientist at the Center for Whale Research, spotted the newborn orca while ...

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Scientific Review to be Conducted in Effort to Save Monarch Butterflies

monarch butterflies

Over the past two decades, North America’s population of monarch butterflies has declined by an alarming 90 percent, a plight that may be caused by pesticides and loss of the once-vast acres of wild milkweed that are the butterflies’ food ...

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Monarch Butterfly Considered For Endangered Species List

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering whether the iconic monarch butterfly should be listed under the Endangered Species Act. Photo/Flickr

  The monarch butterfly is in line for possible protection under the Endangered Species Act. “The use of Roundup has really skyrocketed in the past couple decades along with the increased planting of Roundup-ready corn and soybeans,” said Sarina Jepsen ...

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National Marine Fishery Service: Pinto Abalone Not Endangered

pinto abalone

The National Marine Fisheries Service has declined to list the pinto abalone as an endangered or threatened species. The federal agency announced this week that its status review found the 6-inch Pacific Ocean marine snail is not in danger of ...

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