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Friday’s 2 1/2 Hour Solar Eclipse Had Unprecedented Effect On Solar Power

Total Solar Eclipse Reduced Solar Power Output

Frankfurt, Germany – Friday’s total solar eclipse was spectacular, as most of Europe headed outside to witness it. The event lasted about 2 1/2 hours from beginning to end, which made fort quite the show. Since the eclipse happened during ...

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Scientists Figure Out the Method To Wirelessly Transmit Solar Power From Space

Scientists make strides in beaming solar power from space

Photo Credit: Flickr

The concept of getting unlimited energy to power mankind through our ultimate source of light and solar energy, the sun, is reached a big milestone in terms of becoming practical. The scientists working at Japan’s space administration JAXA have announced ...

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Japanese Scientists Beamed Solar Energy Through Space (VIDEO)

Solar energy through space/ Imgur

Human-made satellites have long been able to harness the sun’s energy as it washes over them outside the protection of our atmosphere. But what if we could beam all that solar power down to Earth? The science fictional idea may ...

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Community Solar Gardens Expected To Grow Sharply In 2015

community solar gardens

Community solar gardens first became popular in Colorado a few years back, and the model – also known as community or shared solar – has gained interest in California, Massachusetts, Minnesota and several other states. Capacity is expected to grow ...

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Breast Milk for Bodybuilding? Really?

Macho Men are Drinking Breast Milk to Keep Their Muscles in Perfect Shape

Talk about crazy diet fads, and this one definitely tops them all. A new health trend has emerged recently, where bodybuilders looking for a good natural source of nutrients have ditched their energy drinks for breast milk. Infact, there’s a ...

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High Energy X-Rays of Sun Captured From Space

Sun's sizzling X-rays photographed from space

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (Nustar), which was launched into orbit in 2012, looks at the universe in very high-energy X-rays. Nustar has measured already about how fast black holes spin, after an extension to its original two-year mission. Due ...

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Champagne Bubbles Could Lead to New Breakthroughs in Energy Industry

champagne bubbles

The behavior of champagne bubbles could lead to new breakthroughs in the energy industry, according to new research published in a recent edition of The Journal of Chemical Physics. When a bottle of champagne is uncorked, the pressure of the ...

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