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Liberian Woman Killed By Ebola

Liberia Confirms New Ebola Case as Outbreak Spreads

Photo Credit: Google Images

A woman from Liberia has died from the famous epidemic Ebola which had gained a lot of attention on the media and the internet in past months. The death was caused shortly after being admitted in the hospital, making it ...

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Health Leaders Urge the Need of Rapid Response Unit for Ebola

Post-Ebola rapid response unit needed, health leaders tell G7

Photo Credit: Google Images

This weekend, the G7 leaders will be requested by Global health leaders this weekend to back the creation of a specialist response unit for facing outbreaks of infectious killer diseases. The move shows on the way in which the WHO ...

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The World Remains Unprepared For Mass Epidemic even After Ebola Outbreak

Medecins Sans Frontieres has urged wealthy nations to develop coordinated response plans and drugs to fight neglected diseases as the global health system is unable to handle another mass epidemic like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The absence of ...

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Drug-Resistant Typhoid Turning Into a Silent Epidemic

Drug-resistant typhoid spreading fast globally: Study

The findings of a new study have revealed that multi-drug resistant strains of the bacteria responsible for causing typhoid is spreading fast in many regions around the world, especially in developing countries. This study included contributors from two dozen countries ...

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Its Official! An Asian Herb Promises to Cure Ebola!

Asian Herb cures Ebola

The findings of a new study have now revealed that an Asian herb could actually help prevent Ebola. Up until now, 4500 deaths have occurred due to Ebola, and new cases are being identified in the worst hit countries as ...

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Patient Transferred to the Hospital Mistaken to Have Ebola


Shortly after a patient was transported by the Arlington fire officials to the hospital from a Clarendon apartment using the Ebola protocols, the county came to a conclusion that the person is luckily not affected by this deadly disease that ...

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CDC Declares Flu Epidemic Due To Rise In Cases Across US

Influenza Vaccine

Phoenix, Arizona – The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared an influenza epidemic across the country after a significant rise in reported cases. To make this season worse, some of the cases being reported so far have ...

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How Old is Ebola? 23 Million Years, Study Claims

Ebola found to be at least 16 to 23 million years old, according to study

In the midst of all the commotion and chaos about Ebola, new drugs and vaccines to help tackle it, preventive measures and protective screenings to ensure that it doesn’t spread, there’s a study taking place in the back, which has ...

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Ebola-Proof Blood: The Promising New Vaccine?

Ebola: Flickr

With the world hit by the worst ever epidemic of Ebola in history, there is a growing need of the development of possible treatment options and the introduction of reliable preventive measures. The World Health Organization has reported a black ...

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