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Elon Musk: Cause Of SpaceX Rocket Explosion Still Unknown


As previously reported, late last month, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded in mid-air three minutes into the launch sequence. The rocket had been ready to fly to the ISS (International Space Station), deliver some supplies and then return to ...

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Salty Brine State Beach Reopens After Explosion Injures Woman

salty brine state beach

Salty Brine State Beach reopened Sunday after an apparent explosion injured a woman and forced it to be evacuated. Among those at Salty Brine State Beach were Michele Martin and Lucille Ianniello, who were also at the beach Saturday morning ...

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Sun’s Corona Heated To 2 Million Degrees By Tiny Explosions

Sun Corona Heated By Tiny Explosions

Our Sun is just an average star of an ordinary size and an ordinary temperature. Truth be told, there is probably nothing unique about our Sun, other than the fact that we are on a planet orbiting around it. Despite ...

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DoD’s Oldest Weather Satellite Explodes In Space With Tons Of Debris

The threat of a runaway cascade of orbital debris is real, and growing./Flickr

This week, news broke that in early February a satellite in the US Department of Defense’s longest running weather satellite had exploded in orbit. The government is blaming a “temperature spike,” which is about as helpful as saying a person died ...

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Cassiopeia A: Supernova Has Bubble- Like Interior From Radioactive Nickle

Scientists have taken a closer look at one of the most well studied supernova remnants in our galaxy, Cassiopeia A. They've created a new 3D map of its interior that reveals surprising, never-before-seen details about the supernova. A photograph of Cas A from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory reveals the supernova remnant's complex structure. (Photo : NASA/CXC/SAO)

Cassiopeia A, or Cas A, was first created about 340 years ago. That’s when a massive star exploded in the constellation Cassiopeia. The extremely hot and radioactive material that streamed outward from the stars core mixed and churned outer debris, ...

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Space Station Supply Rocket ORB-3 Explodes 11 Seconds After Takeoff

Orbital Sciences Explosion

A US supply rocket destined for the International Space Station exploded Tuesday evening only 11 seconds after takeoff. The rocket, built and launched by the privately owned company Orbital Sciences caught fire and exploded right after leaving the launch pad. ...

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