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FBI Probes Surgical Tool Found to Spread Uterine Cancer

FBI probing what J&J knew about uterine surgery device: WSJ

Photo Credit: Google Images

The FBI or The Federal Bureau of Investigation is probing a surgical tool found to spread uterine cancer and what J&J (Johnson & Johnson) were aware about its risks before withdrawing its version of the device last year, reports the ...

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FBI Investigate Man’s Claims He Hacked Plane’s Computer System


The FBI are investigating a man who claims he hacked into a plane’s control system he was aboard last month. The security expert was pulled off a flight for sending tweets about hacking into the plane’s controls and admitting to ...

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Lahav 433 Arrests 39 Year Old Israeli For Leaking Madonna’s Rebel Heart Songs


Televiv, Israel – Israel’s version of the FBI known as Lahav 433 has made an arrest related to the cyber attacks against famous musicians. The hacker was most famously known for leaking songs from Madonna‘s upcoming “Rebel Heart” album, but ...

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Metro Bus Passenger: ‘I have Ebola’


According to Reuters Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies spent Monday on a manhunt for an as yet unidentified man who stepped onto a Metro bus and said to the driver: “Don’t mess with me; I have Ebola.” Metro representatives reported the ...

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FBI Announced It Would Make Animal Cruelty a Group A Felony

Jeffrey Dahmer. Photo: Imgur

Serial killers the Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz. Several studies show that most serial killers start their lives as sociopaths by torturing or killing pets. “It will help get better sentences, sway ...

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FBI Head Blasts Apple Over Encryption


At a press conference yesterday FBI director James Comey strongly criticized both Apple and Google for creating smart phone encryption codes that are so secure that even members of law enforcement is unable to easily gain access to data saved ...

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