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Stolen Backhoe Aids Police In Capturing 2 Robbers


Florida police have captured two robbers who were attempting to flee after seizing and ATM from the local bank with the help of a stolen backhoe. The robbers, identified as Francisco Hernandez, 53, and Jesus Antonio Sanchez, 50, are both residents ...

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Terror On The Orlando Eye: 400-Foot Ferris Wheel Shuts Down

orlando eye

66 stranded riders were safely evacuated by a technical crew with The Orlando Eye Friday, an incident that caused the 400-foot attraction to shut down, authorities said. Orange County Fire Rescue spokeswoman Kathleen Kennedy told The Associated Press no one ...

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New Invasive Flatworm Gets Scientists Hot Under The Collar

Highly invasive flatworm with mouth in belly found in Florida

Photo Credit: Google Images

According to The Washington Post it is known to be one of the world’s most invasive species, It being the New Guinea flatworm. The arrival of the New Guinea flatworm could wreak havoc on the ecosystem after making its way ...

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Elderly Man Killed By Lightning Strike In Largo


Largo police say an elderly man was killed after he was struck by lightning Friday in Florida while he was out for a walk. 81-year-old Jay Freres got caught in a storm and did not survive the lightning strike. Summertime ...

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Third Child In 4 Days Bitten By Shark At Beach

shark attacks

The last thing a Georgia boy expected while he was swimming in the ocean off Daytona Shores on Wednesday was to be attacked by a shark in the shallow waters. A young boy and his brother were swimming in the ...

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Florida Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills 2, Raises Concerns

flesh-eating bacteria

A frightening flesh-eating bacteria lurking in the warm waters off the beaches of Florida which has already killed two and sickened seven others this year, is causing panic for many as summer months and warmer weather approach. Vibrio vulnificus caused ...

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7 Examples Of ‘Virgin Birth’ Cited In Smalltooth Sawfish

smalltooth sawfish

Scientists have discovered seven examples in Florida of virgin-birth offspring by a rare breed of fish, known as the smalltooth sawfish. Smalltooth sawfish are critically endangered and grow up to 25 feet in length and have long snouts with studded ...

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Police: George Zimmerman Shooter Had Signs Of Bipolar Disorder

George Zimmerman

A Florida man charged with shooting at George Zimmerman last week had shown signs of paranoia, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, the Lake Mary Police Department reported. 36-year-old Matthew Apperson had recently been admitted to a mental institution, according to a ...

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2 Florida College Students Sue Over Forced Transvaginal Probes

transvaginal probes

Two Florida college students say they were forced to submit to transvaginal probes as part of their classroom training to learn how to perform the medical procedure and have sued the college. The details are outlined in a federal lawsuit ...

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Florida Authorities Helplessly Decides to Mercy Kill Two Stranded Whales

Two Whales Mercy Killed by Florida Authorities

Photo Credit: Google Images

The FWC or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had to make an unwilling and sad decision to execute two pygmy sperm whales when they were stranded on Jacksonville’s Neptune Beach on Sunday. The worried residents were constantly calling the ...

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