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Ancient Jesus Lizard Fossil Detailed In Wyoming

jesus lizard

Scientists detailed the fossil belonging to an ancient relative of the modern Jesus Lizard, which earns its name for its ability to walk on water. According to Live Science, the fossil was discovered in Wyoming, far from where modern Jesus ...

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Thanks to Human Activities, World Faces Sixth Mass Extinction

World in 'biomass crisis,', Sixth mass extinction new report finds

Photo Credit: Google Images

It is unfortunate to know the bitter truth that humans have been exploiting the environment to a great extent since the last many years. Its about time that mother nature backfired as the world’s sixth mass extinction of species took ...

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90%-Completed Fossil Hints Terror Birds of Having Low-Frequency Hearing

'Terror birds' had deep voices, fossil suggests

Photo Credit: Flickr

The terror bird is the most complete skeleton ever discovered which represents a new species. Scientists have been able to reconstruct the shape of its inner ear. Its ear structure offers hints about the hearing structure of the animal, which ...

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A Swimming Arthropod The Size Of A 7 ft. Man? No Thanks!

An artist's impression of a filter-feeding 'Centipede' as big as a human which took the place of whales 480 million years ago.

  If living long and prospering is a measure of success, then the arthropods are life’s winners. These are the most common form of life: spiders, insects, crustaceans and centipedes, to name but some. Now scientists have their hands on ...

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Fishes Too, Have Rods and Cone Cells in their Eye


The human eye consists of cells in the shape of rods and cones, and now, a team of researchers have discovered the same shaped cells in the fossil of an eye of a 300 million-year-old fish. It is presumed that ...

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Skull Discovered In Montana Unveils First Horned Dinosaur Species

horned dinosaur species

A skull excavated in Montana in 1997 led to the discovery of the first horned dinosaur species in North America. The dinosaur species lived about 104-109 million years ago during the Early Cretaceous period. Andrew Farke and his colleagues at ...

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Monster Groundhog Fossil Sheds Light on 66-Million-Year-Old Creature


A skull of a massive, ancient, groundhog-looking mammal could shed new light on the evolutionary history of mammals. In a paper published Wednesday in the journal Nature, scientists report that they have discovered remains of a mammal that lived 66 ...

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Penguin Fossil in Antarctica Measuring 2m

2m Penguin Fossil Found in Antarctica

Photo Credit: Flickr

The largest penguin fossils ever found has been uncovered by Argentine palaeontologists in Antartica. The bird dubbed ‘Colossus’ stood two meters tall, from the tip of its beak to its toes was recently discovered on the Antarctic Peninsula. The prehistoric ...

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