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Did That Just Happen In The City?

Photo courtesy of Imgur.

Drink The Canal Credit where credit is do, these artists have made the most of their surroundings. Much like the lady drinking from the canal here, there are tons of examples of street art from around the world that utilize ...

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France Combats Anorexia By Banning Excessively Thin Runway Models

thin runway models

PARIS – French lawmakers have voted in favor of a law that would ban excessively thin runway models and potentially fine the employers that hire them in an effort to eliminate anorexia in the modeling industry. The country’s National Assembly ...

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Germanwings Crash Was A Premeditated Mass Murder

Germanwings  Pilot: Lubitz /Photo Courtesy: Imgur

How premeditated was Andreas Lubitz’s plan to fly his Germanwings Airbus A320 into a mountain, killing himself and 149 passengers in a horrific act of suicide and mass murder in the manner of a kamikaze pilot? The shocking revelation from the ...

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Anorexia Nervosa: France Taking A Stand Against ‘Too Thin’ Models

Too-Thin/ Photo: Flickr

The government of France has announced that it’s looking to pass a bill that will ban super-skinny (anorexic nervosa) fashion models, as well the agencies that allow and promote such unrealistic and unhealthy beauty standards. “Extreme action like this may be what’s ...

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US Absence From Paris March Against Terrorism Not Taken Lightly

White House Absent From Paris March

Washington, D.C. – Over the weekend millions of French people and their supporters took to the streets of Paris to show their support against the recent attack at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters last week. Many world leaders took the time to ...

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Radical Muslim Terror Units Activated Across France In Retaliation

Law Enforcement in France

Paris, France – In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shooting that shocked the city of Paris, France earlier this week, international intelligence has determined a large surge of chatter between suspected terrorist cells. These cells are suspected of being activated, ...

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Scientific Study: High Heels Are The Sexiest Thing Women Could Wear


A new study out of France has confirmed what we’ve always suspected: High heels are pretty dang sexy. Women wearing them receive help and attention from men more quickly than ladies in flats, which doesn’t entirely surprise me, but I ...

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ISIS Recruiting Impressionable College-Aged Men From Around The World

ISIS Fighters

World intelligence agencies have been working hard to determine the identity of many of the Islamic State fighters who have appeared in various propaganda videos. Much to many people’s surprise, there is a large number of combatants within the ranks ...

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