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Could Climate Change be Posing a Threat to Food Production?

Climate change ‘threat to food production’

From causing a decline in the population of certain species to causing some others to shrink- climate change is blamed for a lot. Now, a new study has found how it could also influence food production negatively. The Intergovernmental Panel ...

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Dead Zones Dangerously Doubling

dead zones

According to a new study by Smithsonian Institution researchers published yesterday in the journal Global Change Biology, global warming is playing a potentially larger role than previously thought in dead zones in lakes, oceans and rivers across the globe and ...

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Climate Change is Causing Alpine Goats to SHRINK!

These Goats are Shrinking Due to Climate Change: Temperatures Impact Animal Size

What comes to your mind when you ponder over the effects of climate change? Global warming? Extinction of animals? How about goats shrinking in size? Turns out, it is actually what is happening right now- Alpine goats have been found ...

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Eastern Forest Composition Altered Due to Change in Disturbance Regimes

eastern forest composition

Eastern forest composition has been altered due to a change in disturbance regimes, not due to climatic changes, a study carried out by Penn State University suggests. Forests in the Eastern United States remain in a state of “disequilibrium” after ...

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Study: Global Warming Will Lead to Fish Migration

global warming

Scientists at the University of British Columbia recently conducted a study to gather more information on the effects of global warming on ocean fish. More precisely, they wanted to see if climate change could cause them to migrate from warm ...

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Underestimation of Ocean Warming Blamed on Poor Sampling

ocean warming

New climate models and satellite data suggests that ocean warming from 1970 to 2004 in the upper levels of the Southern Hemisphere oceans has been massively underestimated, reports Mashable. The findings are published in two new studies in the journal ...

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Is Global Warming Actually Affecting Earth’s Gravity? (+VIDEO)

Photo: GOCE

GOCE Senses Changing Gravity.   Usually when you hear about climate change impacts, it’s your typical extreme heat wave. The European Space Agency highlighted a new area feeling the impact recently on Earth’s gravity. According to the ESA, the massive ...

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Hiatus in Rising Global Air Temperatures Attributed to Oceans

global air temperatures

A new study suggests the hiatus in rising global air temperatures in the 21st is the result of heat sinking deep in the Atlantic and Southern Oceans. The trend is likely connected to approximately 30-years of global warming and cooling ...

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Sea Level May Rise Due to Antarctica’s Melting Ice

Antarctic Ice Melt May Accelerate Sea Level Rise

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhoto

A study says that the ice discharge from Antartica could become the largest contributor to sea level rise much sooner than previously thought. ”If greenhouse gases continue to rise, ice discharge from Antarctica could raise the global ocean by an ...

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