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China Blocks Access To All Gmail Servers


Looks like China’s internet censorship authorities seem to have waited until the day after Christmas to block all remaining access to Gmail, the popular Google email service, to Internet users in China. “Welcome to China. Get used to it, it ...

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Google Testing New GMail Design


Google is testing a new G-mail design that is rumored to be nothing short of a stunning, massive overhaul.  According to online sources such as Geek.com and PCMag.com, the revamp may involve a “pinning” system and a new menu.  Google ...

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Gmail app update 3.0 for iOS out now

Gmail app update

Gmail app update 3.0 is available now Gmail app update 3.0 is now available for iOS.  Highlighted feature improvements include both a simplified method of signing in and a background refresh feature.   In fact, as one early online reviewer put ...

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What is wrong with Yahoo Mail now?


What is wrong with Yahoo Mail now? Yahoo Mail’s redesign—reportedly meant to be an attempt to clone Gmail–this past October and the technical failure immediately after has been causing problems for users for months.  The head of Yahoo Mail, Jeff ...

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