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Man Holds Patent That Could Destroy Monsanto & Change The World

Paul Stamets /Twitter

If there’s anything you read – or share – let this be it. The content of this article has potential to radically shift the world in a variety of positive ways. And as Monsanto would love for this article to not go ...

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Smartphone Scan App Offered As GMO Label Law Solution

Scanning GMO Foods/ Pinterest

GMO Foods: In the ever-complicated debate over labeling of genetically modified foods, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says he has an idea: use your smartphone. Vilsack told members of Congress  that consumers could just use their phones to scan special bar ...

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Potatoes Are Now Just Another GMO Food Approved By USDA


The new genetically modified potato approved by the United States Department of Agriculture will be used commercially in the U.S. The potato was developed by the J.R. Simplot Company. The reason for developing the GMO potato was to control the ...

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Why are GMOs bad? – ‘The Why’

why are gmos bad

Why are GMOs bad? Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. Everywhere you look the media is pushing you telling you who to follow, what to watch and when to watch it.   You’re even sometimes told how to do ...

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