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Smartphones Could Be Used to Detect Earthquakes


According to a study published yesterday in the journal Science Advances, smartphones and similar personal electronic instruments could actually be utilized to detect earthquakes and even alert people in poorer countries. An early warning system could be created by adapting ...

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The Apple Watch Sold Out In Under 6 Hours

Apple Watch

All Apple Watch models in the US are now at minimum 4 – 6 week shipping estimates in less than six hours. Whether due to high demand or low supply, all models of Apple Watch have now almost entirely sold out with many slipping ...

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Mom Reunites With Daughter 50 Yrs. After Being Told She Died At Birth

Melanie Gilmore, 49 (left) reunited with her mother, Zella Jackson Price, 76, after 49 years.

A tear-jerking moment to find out your daughter is actually alive and well after being told she died after birth! An Olivette family is the subject of a story full of joy and mystery. Forty-nine years ago, a woman was told her daughter ...

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Valeri Spiridonov Set To Undergo World’s 1st Full Head Transplant!


An Italian surgeon is set to become the first in the world to transplant a human head on to a donor body. Russian computer scientist Valeri Spiridonov is set to undergo the world’s first full head transplant, with the 30-year-old ...

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3000 Koi Fish Invade Colorado Lake

koi fish

According to various local sources, there are currently at least 3,000 koi fish in Teller Lake #5 in Boulder, Colorado. While they make a pretty addition to the lake, conservationists are voicing their concerns over the potential impact of the ...

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STUDY: Heroin Users More Common Than Thought

Heroin Poppy. Photo: Pinterest

Today’s typical heroin user is a middle-class suburban dweller who started off with prescription painkillers, a new study reports. Once mainly a problem of teens living in impoverished neighborhoods in large cities, heroin use now more commonly affects whites in ...

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10% Of Americans Have Anger Issues And Access To Guns

anger issues

According to a new study published yesterday in the journal Behavioral Sciences and the Law, one in every 10 American citizens has anger issues and access to a firearm.   Additionally, 1.5 percent of these people carry their weapons outside of ...

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U.S. Teens’ Social Media Activity Is Transforming

Social Media /Flickr

Where teens’ tastes wander, the industry froths itself into a frenzy attempting to follow. For teens are a bellwether of dollar valuations to come. So what are American Teens keen on right now? A new report by the Pew Research Center delves into ...

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Phone Surveillance Revelation Should Prompt Review Of NSA Spying

Surveillance Reform Movement Rallies Ahead Of June 1 Deadline/ Imgur

Does evidence of a decades-old surveillance program throw out the case many public officials have made for the modern surveillance state? Since Edward Snowden first leaked documents about secret National Security Agency (NSA) programs, government officials have defended them in ...

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