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Facebook Can ‘Ask’ You For A Date


Facebook doesn’t have a “Ya-Come-Here-Often?” button but they’re getting there. If you see someone attractive on Facebook who has decided to keep his/her relationship status private now you need only have courage enough to use a new “Ask” button to ...

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Hawaii’s Hot Story: New Underwater Volcano

underwater volcano

Researchers from the University of Hawaii at Manoa recently announced the discovery of a new underwater volcano. Oahu, the third largest Hawaiian island, is actually composed of three large Hawaiian “shield volcanoes.” Until recently, scientists believed it consisted of only ...

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Wildfires Worse Due To Global Warming


Scientists believe that the destructive wildfires scorching acres of California actually reveals an accurate look at a hotter, fierier future. At least three separate studies published in the past three months warn that wildfires are becoming larger and that it ...

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Dinosaur Fossils Found in Argentina, Photo: Imgur

Giant ‘Titanosaur’ dinosaur fossils found in Argentina. Paleontologists in Argentina’s Patagonia region have discovered the remains of fossilized Titanosaur bones, which might have been the largest dinosaurs to ever walk the earth. Titanosaur was a long-necked, long-tailed sauropod (think Apatosaurus or ...

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Were you one of those kids who wasted their youth watching “Creature Double Feature” smackdowns between Godzilla and his arsenal of enemy combatants such as Mothra and Ghidorah? There was something about seeing these behemoths stomp Tokyo to dust, it ...

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