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The Forgotten History Of Vaccinations You Need To Know


Vaccinations: In this interview Dr. Maurice Hilleman reveals some astounding revelations. He admits that Merck knew their polio vaccine was contaminated with SV40, a cancer-causing monkey virus from 1953 – 63. For years, researchers suggested that millions of vials of ...

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Ocean Acidification Seen From Space Calls For Attention


Ocean acidification has been mapped from space, in a new map that could help chart damage in water around the world. Innovative techniques that use satellites to monitor ocean acidification are set to revolutionize the way that scientists study the ...

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Experimental HIV Vaccine Used On Monkeys Could Also Treat Humans Raises Questions


Control of Viremia and Prevention of Clinical AIDS in Rhesus Monkeys by Cytokine-Augmented DNA Vaccination. Vaccines usually teach the immune system to fight a virus or infection. Instead, researchers at the Scripps Research Institute in California have now altered DNA of monkeys to give ...

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Apple CEO Cook To Obama: Don’t Invade Our Privacy


According to several sources, last Friday Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke out the White House Cybersecurity Summit at Stanford University in Stanford, California. He discussed the importance of preserving our online privacy at a time when stealing critical information is ...

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27 Teens That Need To Be Stopped


27 Teens That Need To Be Stopped Every older generation says “kids these days” in reference to the generation younger than them destroying society. It’s been going on since the beginning of time. Older people think younger people are doing ...

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Classic French Actor Louis Jourdan Dies At Age 93


Louis Jourdan (born Louis Robert Gendre, 19th June 1921 – 14th February 2015) was a French film and television actor. He was known for his suave roles in several Hollywood films, including The Paradine Case (1947), Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948), ...

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