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Expedia Pulls Ahead Of Priceline For 2015 US Hotel Bookings

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Expedia Inc (EXPE) has been experiencing a surge of growth in 2015, especially with their 22% quarterly growth in the Third Quarter. The amount of US hotel bookings that the company has been receiving has been going through the roof, so ...

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Groundbreaking Study Finds out Method to Prevent HIV from Duplicating

Scientists say killing HIV's sugar intake kills its growth 

Photo Credit: Google Images

It has been revealed that starving HIV of sugar prevents it from reproducing in something that can be considered as a groundbreaking study. According to Scientists at Northwestern Medicine and Vanderbilt University, the virus requires a lot of sugar and ...

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US Economic Growth Slows Coming Into 2nd Quarter But Still On Upturn

US Economic Growth Slows In March Due To Bad Weather

A decline is job growth has some concerned about an economic slowdown in the US economy during March. Despite adding 120,000 new jobs to the market, the growth is less than what was expected by many analysts. The good news ...

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New Drug Sparks Nerve Growth, Repairs Spinal Cord Injury

New Drug Shows Promise For Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

A team of researchers have developed a new drug, which has helped improved the degree of movement in patients suffering from spinal cord injury in mice, which were used as the test subject. Further tests have also revealed that this ...

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