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Sony’s PlayStation Network Down For 3rd Straight Day After DDoS Attack

PlayStation Knowledge Center

Sony’s PlayStation Network went down at some point on Christmas day due to a suspected DDoS attack on their servers. The video game network outage caused a lot of hard feelings and disappointment, as gamers rushed to their consoles with ...

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North Korean Hackers May Have Attacked Sony To Retaliate Against ‘The Interview’

James Franco In The Interview

HOLLYWOOD, California – Fingers are pointing towards Pyongyang for responsibility of the recent hacker attacks on Sony Pictures servers. North Korean hackers are suspected of being motivated by their government to hack into Sony’s servers and take some of them ...

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‘The Snappening': Bigger, Worse Than Celebrity iCloud Hacks Users Say

the snappening

“The Snappening,” as dubbed by users of the notorious chat forum 4chan, is far bigger and worse than the iCloud hacks that recently targeted celebrities, Snapchat users say. A giant database of intercepted Snapchat photos and videos were released by ...

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