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Adequate Potassium Intake Necessary for Optimum Health in Teens

Increased potassium intake associated with health benefits: diet survey

  Many a times, nutritional guidelines pay extra emphasis on the foods to be avoided rather than focusing on foods that should be consumed. Now, a study considering 2185 teen girls has revealed that there are a lot of health ...

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Fast Food Breakfast Items Can Still Be Good For Some Diets


It has often been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but some people may be taking their personal interpretations a little too far. Eating a balanced breakfast probably looks nothing like what you grew up ...

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Photo: Courtesy of Blogspot

Benefits of Juicing There are three main reasons why you will want to consider incorporating vegetable juicing into your optimal health program: Juicing allows you to consume an optimal amount of vegetables in an efficient manner. If you are a carb ...

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How Strong is the Link Between Mediterranean Diet and Reduced Stroke Risk?

Miracle Diet: Lower Stroke Risk Associated with the Mediterranean Diet

Following the Mediterranean diet is thought to be linked to several health benefits, particularly for the heart. With stroke being the major concern in America and many other nations of the world, simple steps taken to reduce its risk is ...

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