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Marijuana: Good For Some Conditions, Bad Otherwise

Medical marijuana: good evidence for some diseases, weak for others

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High to moderate quality proof supports the usage of marijuana for some medical conditions but not for others, as per a recent review of research in the past. Post reviewing 80 randomized trails which included almost 6500 people, researchers discovered ...

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Tinder Causes Spike In STDs


STDs are on the rise because of Tinder According to a new study by the Rhode Island Department of Health, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are on the rise across the country. Despite the fact that efforts to prevent, treat and ...

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Alarming Increase in STDs Leads to a Concerned Report by RIDE

Social Media Blamed in Part for STD Spike in Rhode Island

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The Rhode Island Department of Health has released a concerned report suggesting that the rates of sexually transmitted diseases across the United States are once again on the rise despite their best efforts showing the risks of having unsafe sex ...

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India to Add AIDS, TB Drugs to Essential Medicine List

India likely to add more AIDS, TB drugs to essential medicines list

India will now be adding more HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis drugs to its list of essential medicines that are subject to price hikes, to help out people who are directly involved, and also help improve the affordability of these drugs to ...

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Would A Text Message Help You Remember To Take Your Medication?


Everyone is glued to their phone these days and sometimes we forget to take our meds on time.  A text messaging service could help people remember to take the medicines they have been prescribed, say researchers. A test scheme, which involved ...

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Herpes Drug Reduces HIV Levels Even Without Herpes

Herpes Blister/ Imgur

Herpes Drug Reduces HIV Levels Even in Those Without Herpes Valacyclovir may reduce levels of HIV in patients without genital herpes, a National Institutes of Health study has found. Findings are published in Clinical Infectious Diseases. This is the first ...

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Genetic Breakthrough Offers Promising New Avenue For HIV Vaccine

HIV Vaccine

Scientists have made a genetic breakthrough that could potentially block infection from the HIV virus, offering a promising new avenue for a potential HIV vaccine. A team at Scripps Research Institute in Florida announced Wednesday in the journal Nature they ...

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Experimental HIV Vaccine Used On Monkeys Could Also Treat Humans Raises Questions


Control of Viremia and Prevention of Clinical AIDS in Rhesus Monkeys by Cytokine-Augmented DNA Vaccination. Vaccines usually teach the immune system to fight a virus or infection. Instead, researchers at the Scripps Research Institute in California have now altered DNA of monkeys to give ...

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New Aggressive HIV Strain Discovered in Chicago

In small study, aggressive HIV strain identified in Cuba

Talk about super-viruses, and the new HIV virus seems to have become the talk of the town. This new strain of HIV could progress to full-blown AIDS within just 3 years if left untreated, and has reportedly become an epidemic ...

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