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NASA’s Hubble Observes Nasty 1 Star

nasty 1

A team of astronomers used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope discovered new details about a fast aging star that is so unusual the investigative team named it Nasty 1.  The nickname is a take-off of its catalog name NaSt1. It was ...

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The Hubble Telescope Photos Have Mesmerized Science For 25 Years

Planetary Nebula NGC 2818, Hubble Space Telescope /NASA

The Hubble space telescope began its task 25 years ago, peering from orbit into the fathomless universe and gathering images of stars and galaxies so far off in space and time that some had formed when the universe itself was forever ...

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Hubble Captures Io, Europa, Callisto Passing In Front Of Jupiter

hubble space telescope

Jupiter has more stable moons than any other planet in the solar system (67 to be exact) but four stands out amongst the rest. Discovered by Galileo, they’re the planet’s four largest moons: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. All four ...

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Hubble Gets Second Look At Pillars of Creation 20 Years Later


Stunning new images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope have been released to celebrate a quarter century of operating. The return to the telescope’s most famous target, revealing the Pillars of Creation as never before seen, 20 years after the ...

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