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Antibiotic Use in Infants Linked to Obesity, Illnesses During Adulthood

Antibiotic use may make kids obese in adulthood

The use of commonly prescribed antibiotics among infants could cause changes in the gut bacteria, which could make them vulnerable to many infectious conditions, allergies and autoimmune disorders during adulthood- the findings of a new study have revealed. In addition, ...

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Breastfeeding And It’s Role In Early Development Of The Immune System in Infants

Breast-feeding Mommy in the outdoors/ Photobucket

Breastfeeding and It’s Role in Early Development of the Immune System in Infants: Consequences for Health Later in Life. To prevent excessive, destructive, and adverse immunological reactions between mother and fetus that might lead to “immune abortion,” the immune system ...

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Unapproved Drug By FDA, Perflubron, Saves Baby’s Life

Tatiana Saiaana, 4 months old, is now home for Christmas and breathing easier thanks to a life-saving drug that's not currently approved by the FDA.

Parents of a newborn in Seattle, Washington, received the best Christmas gift of all. Just a few weeks ago, Elise and Bruce Saiaana thought they’d lose their daughter Tatiana, who was born four months ago in critical condition. At her ...

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How Much Do You Know About SIDS?


  One of the hardest things for people to accept about the leading cause of death for infants and up to 2,500 children before their first birthday each year in the U.S. is the fact that there is no known ...

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Prosecutor: Blackstone Babies ‘Were Alive For Some Period Of Time’


At least two infants whose remains were discovered in Erika L. Murray’s squalid Blackstone home appear to have been alive for some period of time in their short-lived lives, Worcester county prosecutor John Bradley said Tuesday morning. Speaking in Uxbridge ...

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3 Dead Infants Found in Blackstone Home, No Criminal Charges Filed

NECN video screegrab

The bodies of three dead infants were discovered Thursday when Massachusetts officials were searching a Blackstone home, along with vermin and piles of soiled diapers. A local prosecutor has not ruled out the possibility that more bodies may be inside, ...

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