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Twelve Years Later, Measles has Returned, Causing Death of One.

Measles kills first patient in 12 years

Photo Credit: Google Images

The USA has faced its first death by measles death in 12 years according to Washington state health officials. Measles has surged back in recent years as groups of like-minded parents have opted against fully vaccinating their children. Last year, 644 ...

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CDC Warns Of Pool Parasite

pool parasite

According to a recent warning issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of water-based bacteria cases is on the rise. The latest concern involves a pool parasite named Cryptosporidium. Nicknamed “Crypto”, this particular pool parasite ...

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Emerald Ash Borer To Pose a Threat To Ash Trees in New Jersey

New Jersey Trees threatened by Emerald Ash Borer

Photo Credit: Google Images

The trees in New Jersey are being attacked by brightly colored bugs called the Emerald Ash Borer. The State Department of Agriculture had no choice but to issue a warning to prevent the trees from sustaining any more damage by ...

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Health Leaders Urge the Need of Rapid Response Unit for Ebola

Post-Ebola rapid response unit needed, health leaders tell G7

Photo Credit: Google Images

This weekend, the G7 leaders will be requested by Global health leaders this weekend to back the creation of a specialist response unit for facing outbreaks of infectious killer diseases. The move shows on the way in which the WHO ...

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Huge Outbreak of Chlamydia Reported in Texas High Schools


The West Texas High School is now looking at the starling chlamydia outbreak after some students tested positive of this disease.   As per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Chlamydia is a common STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), ...

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FDA Approves Recently Manufactured Anthrax Drug

New Anthrax Drug Approved by FDA

Photo Credit: Flickr

FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) has decided to grant permit to commercialize a new but supposedly effective drug that has the ability to treat the problem of inhalation anthrax. The drug anthrasil was granted permission to be used ...

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Breastfeeding Linked to Higher IQ, Increased Earnings

We know breastfeeding helps babies fight infections. Now we're learning it may boost IQ.

From protecting the vulnerable baby against a range of infections to providing a good dose of important nutrients- breastfeeding does a lot, which is why, it is being so crazily promoted today. Well, there’s something to add to the list ...

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Armadillo Interaction Linked to Three New Leprosy Cases in Florida

Three Cases of Leprosy Reported in Florida

Interaction with armadillos has been found to be linked to three new cases of leprosy along the east coast of Florida since November 2014. The health officials have confirmed that all these three cases of leprosy have occurred in Volusia ...

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CDC: Potential Deadly Bacteria May Be Lurking In Your Doctor’s Office

deadly bacteria

Your doctor’s office – a place where one would expect to feel comfortable and safe – may actually be harboring deadly bacteria. The Center for Disease Control (CD) is raising a red flag that c. difficile, typically found in hospitals, ...

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