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Study: False Memories ‘May Be Widespread’ In Animal Kingdom

false memories

What was once just believed to be a trait in humans is now being thought to be widespread throughout the entire animal kingdom: creating false memories. Researchers at Queen Mary University in London have shown for the first time that ...

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Insects Are New York’s Tiny Garbage Men


When you think of New York City, you usually think of large buildings and pavement–not insects. But it turns out that these arthropods play a huge role in the city’s ecosystem. Scientists have discovered that insects dispose of garbage in ...

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Mountain Pine Beetles Putting Minnesota Trees at Risk

Mountain Pine Beetle could threaten Majestic Pines of Minnesota: Study

According to a new research project put forth by the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the mountain pine beetle has apparently destroyed large areas of the forests in the Rockies. Large swaths have already been damaged, ...

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Research Finds Insects Originated 480 Million Years Ago

Insects Originated 480 Million Years Ago

A massive research project conducted around the globe has compiled their results on the study of insects. The consensus is that insects originated 480 million years ago. Researchers from different fields studied everything from the Biology, Taxonomy, Genetics, Molecular Structure, ...

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Scientists Create New Family Tree of the World’s Insects

Scientists Create New Family Tree of the World's Insects - photo from Wikipedia

Scientists have developed a new family tree of the world’s insects. In an attempt to map out insects history on Earth, an international research team has used genetic data to create one of the most extensive family trees in the ...

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Doctors Remove Part of the Brain to Cure Man of Arachnophobia

Man cured of arachnophobia after doctors remove part of his brain

Does the sight of spiders send a chill up your spine? Rejoice- you can now cure yourself of arachnophobia by simply undergoing a surgery that will remove a ‘part’ of your brain. Scientists removed the amygdale- an almond shaped set ...

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