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Instagram Beats Twitter By 80 Million Users


According to stock market reports, Facebook shares rose over one percent yesterday as Instagram reached a milestone 400 million users and passing twitter to become the number one social network. Various experts believe this jump was due in part to ...

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Why Didn’t People Smile In Old Photos? — ‘The Why’


Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why didn’t people smile in old photos?” Good question. (No time for clever quips today though, as we’ve too much to cover.) Why didn’t people smile in old photos? You obviously missed ...

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U.S. Teens’ Social Media Activity Is Transforming

Social Media /Flickr

Where teens’ tastes wander, the industry froths itself into a frenzy attempting to follow. For teens are a bellwether of dollar valuations to come. So what are American Teens keen on right now? A new report by the Pew Research Center delves into ...

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The Almost “Internet Apocalypse” Facebook, Instagram Down Causes Panic

Image Courtesy: Reddit

For a while (approximately an hour) on Tuesday, two giant Internet social networking sites Facebook and Instagram suddenly went offline. This immediately triggered some panic among their users, with more posting afterward on the microblogging site Twitter about the “social media meltdown.” With ...

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Lindsay Lohan Posts Confident Underwear Selfie Joking Of Illness

Lindsay Lohan Underwear Selfie

Lindsay Lohan contracted an untreatable illness while on vacation in Bora Bora, but she’s not letting that slow her down. The young celebrity has been jet-setting, relaxing, and apparently working on her physique. Even though she reportedly got infected with ...

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Power Outage Affects 46 Buildings In Brooklyn


BROOKLYN — Power went out Wednesday evening at Spring Creek Towers in Southeast Brooklyn. Power Outage Affects 46 Buildings in Brooklyn. According to the FDNY, the buildings, which range in size from 11 to 20 stories, are part of the ...

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Is This Ariana Grande Selfie Dangerous?

Ariana Grande selfie isn't dangerous - photo courtesy of Instagram

Pop star Ariana Grande recently posted a selfie to Instagram, but is this Ariana Grande selfie dangerous? Normally a famous pop star like Grande posting a selfie online wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but MTV implied that she may ...

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Wake Up & Smell the Bacon

wake up & smell the bacon

Wake Up & Smell the Bacon by Oscar Mayer. . . Wake Up & Smell the Bacon is a new, interesting albeit initially odd iPhone app brought to you by the people at Oscar Mayer.  The Oscar Mayer Wake Up ...

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