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Russian Intervention In Syria Crippling ISIS Rebels In Key Cities

Russian Aircraft take off from an airbase in Syria

Aleppo, Syria – Since Russian ground troops have arrived on the scene in Syria, the country’s civil war has taken a dramatic turn. Although the United States and other foreign nations had participated in joint airstrikes against ISIS rebels, the ...

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Philadelphia Woman Arrested During Attempt To Fly Overseas To Join ISIS

philadelphia woman

A Philadelphia woman was arrested and charged with trying to help the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – better known as ISIS – and “martyr herself” for the terrorist group. Prosecutors say 30-year-old Keonna Thomas attempted to travel overseas ...

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Islamic State Loses Hold Of Tikrit To Iraqi Forces

Iraqi Forces Retake Tikrit From ISIS Forces

Tikrit, Iraq – The Iraqi Security Forces have finally routed ISIS forces from the city of Tikrit. The win-falls of the Islamic State are gradually becoming few and far between, though the group still poses serious security threats to the ...

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FBI Arrests Illinois National Guardsman Who Planned To Join ISIS

FBI Arrests IL National Guard Member Trying To Join ISIS

Aurora, Illinois – An Islamic member of the Illinois National Guard, Hasan Rasheed Edmonds, was arrested by the FBI for his involvement with the Islamic State. The 22 year old member of the US Army was discovered to be planning ...

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US-Led Airstrikes Target ISIS Forces In Tikrit

US-Led Airstrike Helps Iraqi Forces Retake Tikrit

Tikrit, Iraq – Iraqi forces had been fighting a hard battle against Islamic State forces on the ground outside the city of Tikrit for weeks. After continued struggle to uproot the rebels from the city, the Iraqi government formally asked ...

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Group Of 9 British Medical Students Entered Syria To Aid ISIS Militants

Refugees Fleeing ISIS Invasion

A group of 9 British nationals with Islamic backgrounds are believed to have entered into Syria to work on behalf of the ISIS terrorists. There is no doubt that medical personnel are in short supply on The Islamic State’s sides ...

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