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Indonesia Executes 8 Drug Smugglers With Firing Squads This Week

Joko Widodo

Nusa Kambangan Island, Indonesia – Some countries take a hard stance against drug abuse and drug smuggling, but few are as ruthless and cold as Indonesia. Once convicted of a drug-related crime, most prisoners will end up paying with their ...

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Eruption of Volcano in Tonga Creates New Island

Volcanic Eruption In Tonga Creates New Island

Photo Credit: Flickr

Recent Volcanic Eruption in Tonga gave rise to a new island, but it seems that it will disappear on Wednesday, according to one scientist. The volcano has been erupting for a month in the ocean about 40 miles northwest of ...

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Small Hawaiian Town Threatened by Volcano

Hawaii volcano threatens small town

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

The volcano erupted at Hawaii’s Big Island continues to flow lava and is now approaching the towns situated nearby. This major disaster was declared on Monday and the lava from the volcano continues to flow, making the places nearby unfeasible ...

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Giant Tortoises at Galapagos Islands Bough Back from the Verge of Extinction

Giant tortoises rally from near extinction on Galapagos island

Talk about efforts being fruitful- conservationists have confirmed that the giant tortoises, who had their home on the Galapagos island in Espanol, who were steadily declining in number, have now managed to build a strong hold over the area. Apparently, ...

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