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Why Do People Quit Their Jobs? — ‘The Why’


Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why do people quit their jobs?” you ask? Good question.  (OK, it’s a bit “current events” but it’s safer than taking on some of those particular personal questions. After all, we thought ...

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US Economic Growth Slows Coming Into 2nd Quarter But Still On Upturn

US Economic Growth Slows In March Due To Bad Weather

A decline is job growth has some concerned about an economic slowdown in the US economy during March. Despite adding 120,000 new jobs to the market, the growth is less than what was expected by many analysts. The good news ...

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Shutdown Of GM Plant In Oshawa Ontario Threatens 33,000 Jobs

Oshawa Plant Where Camaro Is Made Faces Closure

Oshawa, Ontario – Auto manufacturing is big business in Ontario Canada, where GM, Ford, and Chrysler have assembly plants. These plants manufacture cars for the world market, and not just for Canada. There are entire cities that rely heavily on ...

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Chinese Economy Scrambles To Find Foothold In Falling Market

China Fighting A Stalling Economy Since 2012

Beijing, China – The Chinese economy seemed to be booming back in 2009 when the US and European markets were struggling to stay afloat. They appeared, on the surface, to be thriving in a down global market. Now, after fighting ...

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Good Luck Getting A Job In Arizona If You’re A Smoker


TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Pima County will consider later this month whether to no longer hire smokers and put a price on workers who do smoke. The Pima County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote Dec. 16 on a ...

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Steve Jobs Testifies In Court For Apple 3 Years After His Death

Steve Jobs Gives Testimony In Court

CUPERTINO, California – More than 3 years after his death, a video of Steve Jobs giving his testimony on behalf of Apple was shown in a California courtroom. Jobs testified in defense of Apple, who is fighting a class-action lawsuit ...

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